Pyrodex and Triple Seven are black powder substitutes that burn very cleanly and are very popular in the United States.  Besides the usual black powder components it contains other ingredients.  Because of this, the German Institute for Material Testing (BAM) regards these powders as "black powder related substances".  German law does not allow the use of these powders in competitions.  However, those laws are currently being revised and changes in this provision are expected.



Pyrodex and Triple Seven products can be compared with black powder only by volume, not by weight.  Since 2008, the German firing proof houses have issued comparison charts for loads in grams.  However, Pyrodex and Triple Seven products are about 30% lighter than black powder so that one pound of propellant yields 30% more loads.  Besides excellent ballistic results, Pyrodex and Triple Seven clean up simply with water.

Hazardous Goods Law and Storage:

According the Hazardous goods law "Pyrodex" and "TripleSeven" were classified by the BAM in Berlin. It is dangerous goods class 1.3 C with UN0499, fuel, solid. When transporting UN0499 must be packed in a separate hazardous goods box, but may be transported in the vehicle together with black powder (1.1 D), propellant powder (1.3 C) and ammunition (1.4 S) according to ADR.

The same favorable conditions apply for storage (class 1.3 C) as for UN0161 propellant charge powder (1.3 C). The use of "Pyrodex" and "TripleSeven" is as a black powder replacement and for loading and reloading of ammunition (similar to the black powder cartridges), but not as nitro powder.

These are German laws according to ADR. Ask your authority to inform you abour your laws and regulations in your country.

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