Sequence from fast burning - on the top - to slow burning rates

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VihtavuoriReload SwissNormaHodgdonIMRWinchesterRottweilLovexVectanAlliantRamshotB & P
   Titewad    D013    
 N310     P805S011Ba 10Bullseye  
   Clays  WST S015  ZIP 
N320RS12  Int. Clays700XWSHP801 Ba 9 1/2  Red Dot BP 100
   Titegroup   D032    
N32C RS14 HP 38 WC231 S030 Green Dot  
     AutoComp S020  True Blue 
N330     P804S035A1   
   Universal Cl  WSF D036Ba 9Unique  
N340RS20 HS-6        BP 102
3N37  CFE Pistol  800X   A0Herco   
N350  Longshot   D037.1Ba 7 1/2    M410/2
3N38RS24  IMR Blue   P806D037.2SP2 Pract.Blue Dot  
N105      S040    
N110RS30 H110 WC296 D060Ba 6 1/2 2400EnforcerM410
       S053SP 3  BP 103
   Lil' Gun   D063    
N120RS36  200      Reloder 7  
      R901S060SP 10   
N130 201   R902D073.5  X-Terminator 
N530RS40      Tubal 3000   
N133 202   StaBALL Match  SP 7 TAC 
       D073.6SP 9 Wildboar 
N135  CFE 223IMR4166    R903S062   BP 106
N140RS50203-BLeverevolution     Reloder 15Big GameBP 107
N540RS52     S065SP 11   
N150 URP     Tubal 5000   
N550RS60       Reloder 17  
 RS62    R904S070    
 N555 204 IMR4451    Tubal 7000   
N160    StaBALL 6.5    Reloder 19HunterBP 108
N560      S071    
    IMR4955   R905     
N165RS70MRPSuperformance     Reloder 22 BP 109
N565 RS76 217      Reloder 25  
 N568   IMR7977         
N170    StaBALL HD     Magnum 
N570RS80  IMR8133    SP 13   
20N29  US869   D100    

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