Storage: Explosives storage door


Explosives storage door "System GUT-Ri" LT STD RWK (A)

System GUT-Ri LT STD RWK (A)

Armor: high performance concrete Ri 68 MN/m² according to DIN 1045.
Door leaf thickness: 205mm (pivoted, adjustable hinges).
Aluminum or nickel chromium steel,  or topically treated.  Rubber seal along the entire length of either the door fold or the door leaf, centered. 
Central bolt work, stainless steel locking bolts, galvanized bolts, Ø 30mm.
Key lock, European standard: VdS-pf. 3, 14 tumblers, key is not removable when the door is open. Combination lock with Lafette. 

Free-wheel function to protect the bolt work from vandalism and sabotage:
In locked position, the handle or wheel are free-wheeling so that no torque can be used for adverse purposes.  After opening the door with a key, the handle or wheel can be pulled out to re-connect the handle with the bolt work. Special hinge protection prevents gripping the hinges from the back.  

Bulletproof M5/DIN 52290, can withstand explosives of at least 0.3 kg TNT.
Satisfies German rating RAL 625/1 and exceeds German rating LR 210/230.

Qualification approval does not require a concrete framing.

Dimensions: clear width and height 950x1950mm
DIN "left" (includes 300mm awning)
Design approval  No. 01 SprengG 63
No. 9633

This door can be manufactured in various dimensions!


System GUT-Ri LT STD RWK (C)

Explosives storage door System "GUT-Ri" LT STD RWK (C)

As No. 9633, but no combination lock!
The keyhole is covered with a sliding faceplate, T10 steel, or alternatively with a rotary faceplate for padlock Kag. 0.4-10.0kg.
Dimensions: Clear width and height 950x1950mm
DIN "left" (includes 300mm awning)
Design approval  No. 01 SprengG 63
No. 9632

Faceplate for sabotage protection (SABS)

with awning for RWK types.
No. 9691

Shockproof door fixer, lockable

for fixation (door leaf rest position is OPEN)
No. 9692

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