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DIN "right"

Case lock LHS-Ri-SUPRA

PTZ-Standard 7231.00
including 2 keys

DIN "right"
No. 9040     key length 100 mm
No. 9041     key length 130 mm
No. 9042     key length 255 mm

DIN "left"
No. 9050     key length 100 mm
No. 9051     key length 130 mm
No. 9052     key length 255 mm

DIN "right"

Lock plates hardened

hardened lock plates
No. 9049     DIN "right"
No. 9059     DIN "left"

Spare key

100 mm, 130 mm, 255 mm

for case lock LHS-SUPRA
No. 9060 Length 100 mm
No. 9061 Length 130 mm
No. 9062 Lenght 255 mm

Universal connector

facilitates transport of explosive storage devices with fixed concrete frame.  Design by Hartmann.  Transport requires two connectors.
Load category: 6–10 tons
Weight: about 9kg
No. 9400


(Maximum allowed storage)
For marking explosives storage systems.
Language: German
Material: Aluminum
Size: 30x40 cm
Custom-made designs are available!
No. 7006

GHS label: Explosive (Danger)

Material: Sticker -self adhesive-
For classes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5
Size: 148x210mm, DIN A 5
No. 7145

Mobile phones prohibited

Material: Aluminum
Size: 20cm Ø
No. 7190

Fire, open light and smoking prohibited

Material: Self-adhesive sticker
Size: 10cm Ø
No. 7038

Explosives storage ledger

Ledger for explosive substances, for bearers of permits according to the Explosives Act.
35 sequentially numbered pages.
Dirt-repellent laminated cover.
Size: DIN A3
No. 8003

version to be built into wall
version to be mounted onto wall

Key Safe

Key safe, can be built into or mounted onto a wall

Technical data:
- robust design
- casing and door consist of 3mm stainless steel
- suitable for outdoor use
- additional seal with faceplate over the lock
- stainless
- door stop DIN right
- 2 hook strips, each with 5 hooks
- equipped with an electronic lock with electronic revision (standard)
- programmable to 1 master code and 99 user codes (without key)
- read-out via laptop of last 4,050 events
Outside dimensions:
196x266x100mm with frame (to be built into a wall)
170 x 240 x 100 mm (to be mounted onto a wall)
Weight: about 5.500 g
No. 9360 (to be built into a wall)
No. 9370 (to be mounted onto a wall)


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