Safety: Safety at work


Master builder's hardhat, 80

made of thermoplastic, provides additional protection through long neck part.
Brim acts as rain gutter, adjustable ventilation, and slits for additional ear and face protection.  With 6-point strap and leather padding.  The hat is steplessly adjustable.
Color: yellow
DIN EN 397
No. 5009


Protect yourself from the cold.
WindGard seals off any helmet against the wind and cold.
Color: orange
No. 5018

Capsule ear protector Bilsom Viking V3

A very good ear protection, with high comfort level.
DIN EN 352-1
No. 5118

Capsule ear protector Bilsom Viking V1

Due the high comfort, he is well suited for everyday use.
DIN EN 352-1
No. 5120


The convenient and secure way to protect yourself from noise. Reusable.
Sound insulation of 45 dB (A) at a frequency of 4000 Hz
DIN EN 352-2
Package with 10 plugs
No. 5138

Safety glasses

Clear fog-proof PVC pane. Wide field of view and high wear comfort.
Elastic, adjustable headband and indirect ventilation.
No. 5168

Earplug dispenser Bilsomat 400

Easily mounted on walls.  Ensures convenient and easy access to earplugs.
The Bilsomat comes with 400 pairs of earplugs.
No. 5262

Refill pack with 200 pairs Bilsom 303L.
No. 5267

Safety glasses

Eyeglass temples in length and angle adjustable, integrated side protection spectacle lenses made ​​of polycarbonat and escratch resistant.
No. 5162

Sound level meter SL-328

A professional device for noise measuring.  It is very easy to use and features a maximum value function.
Range: 32 - 130dB
Resolution: 0.1 
Accuracy: +/-1.4 dB (when referenced to 95dB, 1kHz)
Frequency range: 31.5Hz to 8kHz
Internal calibration
Alarm function indicates leaving the measuring range
Battery: 2 x AAA, 1,5V
Dimension: 206x42x25mm
Weight: 100g
No. 5176