Safety: Marking


Marking spray "Star-Marker"

Successor to the popular TRIP-A-CAP.  Star-Marker has a rotating safety cap.  Only Star-Marker enables you to mark out up to 3,000 meters per box.  With Star Marker, your fluorescent marking will remain more visible for longer, because it uses the most concentrated paint on the market.
Available colors:
pink (fluorescent)
orange (fluorescent) 
flashy red (fluorescent) 
Available on request within a week:
blue (fluorescent) 
green (fluorescent)
Case with 12 cans, each containing 500 ml
No. 7094

Marking handle

Marking handle for the "trig-a-cap" only.  For precise marking of long lines and curves.
Application areas: road construction, demolition works, surveying, etc.
Trace lines with ease over long periods of time without bending.  Spray activation by a convenient trigger.
No. 7096

Marking flags "Flag-Mark"

Visible at long distances because the flags move easily in light winds.
Flashy and fluorescent colors.
Easy to set up by hand (no tools required).
Easy to transport, not too bulky.
Weatherproof fade resistant material.
Dimension: metal rod 53 cm; flags: 12 x 10 cm
Available colors:
pink (fluorescent) 

orange (fluorescent)
green (fluorescent)
Content: Box of 100 flags
No. 7098

Barrier tape

Barrier tape in dispenser, extremely tear-proof. Color: red/white.
Particularly suitable for temporary barriers that need to be set up quickly, e.g in construction, for sports events, on parking lots, etc.
Environmentally friendly, made of chlorine- and sulfur-free polyethylene.
Dispenser contains 500m, about 80 mm wide
Weight: 1450 grams
No.  7151

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