Safety: Lamps


MAG-LITE ® Flashlights

The modern flashlight for work, sports and leisure.  Uses up to 6 batteries and is ideally suited for long and continuous use.  Fits your hand nicely and are used more and more for police, firemen and rescue workers.  Multiple accessories expand the field of application.

No. 680200    ML-2 black, Length: 25.0 cm
No. 680202    ML-3 black, Length: 31.5 cm
No. 680206    ML-5 black, Length: 43.5 cm
No. 680208    ML-6 black, Length: 49.5 cm

No. 680270    Car holder
No. 680272    Belt loop


LED technology and new electronic multi-function switch for 5 different light modes:
Maximum light (100%), economy mode (25%), Strobe flash (12 times per second), SOS-signal and flashing mode (On / Off).
You can select between 4 different combinations of light modes.
Length: 28.5 cm
No. 680242    (incl. batteries)

Ex-inspection lamp mini

Small but great for your safety, fits any pocket.

Application areas:
For use in zones 1 and 2.
Use in accordance with regulation ADR. (94/55/EG).
Labeled: 94/9/EG - ExII2G 
Explosion protection: EEx ib e IIC T5
EG certificate: PTB 98 ATEX 2061
Material: Polycarbonat/black
Light distibution: Ø 23 mm, Glass
Lightbulb: 2,2V / 0,4A
Type of protection: IP 65 by EN 60529
Temperature range: -20°C to +40°C
Battery: 2 AA batteries
Operating time: about 8 h.
Dimension: Ø 32 mm
Length: 166 mm 
Weight: 70 g
No. 6018    (battery not included)
No. 6019    Replacement lightbulb, 2.2V/0.4A

Ex-Halogen inspection lamp (Explosionproof)

Explosion proof according regulation II 2 G / II 2 D T80 °C EEx ib e IIC T4
Material: Polyamide, black
Light distribution: Ø 48 mm, Glass
Halogen light bulb: 2,8 V - 0,5 A    
Protection: IP 65    
Range of temperature: -20°C to +40°C
Battery: 2 Monocells
Operating time: about 12 h.    
Lighting range: max. 16 m
Dimension: max. Ø 60 mm
Length: 220 mm    
Weight: about 250 g
No. 6045    (battery not included)
No. 6046    Replacement lightblulb, 2.8V/0.5A
No. 6240    Battery

Warning light (Explosionproof)

Made of impact-resistant plastic, splash and dust proof.
With a yellow flashing light and a bright work lamp.
Dimension: 240 x 80 x 60 mm
Weight: 350 g
No. 6015 (batteries not included)


5 x LED, spray water proofed, power supply (3 x AAA batteries) on the backside of the lanyard for an optimal wearing comfort. Inclination angle of the lamp is individually adjustable.
Lighting range about 100 m.
Weight: 125 g
No. 6030 (incl. batteries)

LED-flashlight (waterproof)

Sturdy yellow plastic case with a hand strap. The Light is very focused and is eminently suitable to light up the bore holes. It fits even in the pipe of the bore hole light no. 1071.
Water-resistant until 40 m
Length: 17 cm
Diameter: 5,5 cm
Art of lamp: 5 x LED
Power: 2xR14/C cell (not included)
Weight: 250 g
No. 6034

Wax torches

with wooden handle
Length: 45 cm
Operating time: about 75 min.
Pack: 10 pcs.
No. 6080

Length: 65 cm
Operating time: about 105 min.
Pack: 10 pcs.
No. 6081

Light stick

produces light without fire, heat, or electricity.
Non-hazardous, can be used everywhere.
Operating time: about 8 h.
Lenth: 152 mm
No. 6086: green

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