Blasting: Tools


Tool set for blasting prep

from the German military, in mint condition.
Consists of:
-Sailcloth bag
-Detonator cap crimping plier "Pionier"
-Combination pliers
-Cable knife
-Philips Screwdriver
-Aluminum folding meter
-Aluminum caps for detonating cord 12,5g
-Insulating tape
No. 3015

Detonator box

plastic, olive-green, for 10 detonators No. 8.
No. 3021

Plug connectors

Solderless and insulated connection of wires.
For fast, secure and durable connection of blasting cables.
Packaging unit: 10
No. 2032

Cable lugs

O- and U-type cable lugs to connect wires to ohmmeters, blasting machines, etc.
Packaging unit: 10
No. 2033    cable lugs, O-type 4x1
No. 2034    cable lugs, U-type 6x1

Special screwdriver

for ohmmeters ZEB/DZ 1, ZEB/DZ 2, ZEB/DZ 3 and ZEB/DIZ
No. 3208

Precision screwdriver set

Plastic container with sliding lid.
No. 3137

Copper mandrel

for primed cartridges.
With plastic handle, mandrel 8mm Ø, 230mm long.
No. 3050

Brass mandrel

with plastic handle. For piercing large borehole cartridges.
Mandrel Ø 10mm
No. 3051    930mm long
No. 3052    350mm long

Brass plumb bob 100 g

Weight: 100g, Length: 110mm
No. 3061

Brass plumb bob 200g

Weight: 200g, Length: 160mm
No. 3062

Brass plumb bob 500g

Weight: 500g
No. 3053

Brass plumb bob 1200g

30mm Ø, 220mm long
No. 3060   

Brass pestle 6000g

with strong eye.
55mm Ø, 300mm long
Made of solid material.
No. 1065

Hemp rope 8mm Ø

for brass pestle.
No. 1066    Length: 30m
No. 1067    Length: 50m

Nylon rope 5mm Ø

braided, for brass plumb bob 1200g.
No. 1166    Length: 30m

Nylon rope 8mm Ø

braided, for brass pestle.
No. 1168    Length: 30m
No. 1169    Length: 50m

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